An intro and a thank you post.

An intro and a thank you post.

Happy New Year to all of our friends. 

We wanted first, to start off with a huge thank you to the people who have supported Atilis Gym Bellmawr over the last 19 months during our reopening efforts, fight to stay open, and massive battle with Governor Phillip Murphy.

We have come so far and that would not have been possible had it just been Frank and I and our members. More people could have imagined knew came to support us and that support has only magnified in intensity and number as this fight approaches 2 years. 

Despite being locked in a war with the state government, we have made it our priority to remain open to our members and guests, host events, bring people together through charity and service to the community, and support other small businesses during these times.

And again, none of that would have been possible without the people who stand with us.

All this being said, we want to continue to grow Atilis Gym Bellmawr and become a better place and better brand everyday. We are working on several new projects and will be utilizing our website to keep our friends up to date on events, court case updates, and much more.

Please share this post with your friends and family, signup for our email list, and stay tuned for more.

We will follow up this post with a full update as to where we stand today.  

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  • We attended your demonstrations at the gym, like most New Jerseyians, we hate our Demorat politicians!

    Lewis Bivona on
  • Thank you for speaking at the Reawaken America conference in Phoenix this last weekend. Bravo to you and your business partner for your bravery and perseverance! Can’t wait for this bullsh!t to be over with.

    Wendy Goff on
  • When can we expect the book to come out? Bought signed advance copy 9/16. No hurry, just wanted to know when we can expect. Thanks Keep up the great work you are doing! Stand with you

    Alice Dodson on
  • If you do newsletter please include me

    Shannon on

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