Atilis Gym Programs

About the Gym

We are a no nonsense gym for the hardworking - beginners and experts alike. We like our music loud and our workouts intense. Atilis is home to a number of independent Personal Trainers and Coaches, in order to deliver the highest level of service to our community. Our equipment is unrivaled, unique, and up-to-date. Come check us out!

Atilis Gym is South Jersey's premier facility for:
  • Bodybuilding
  • Strength Training
  • Strongman
  • Athletics
  • General health goals

What We Offer

Strongman Training
Atilis Gym has a full selection of Strongman equipment. Come and train Strongman with equipment you won't find anywhere else in the area.

  • stones to 385
  • logs good
  • sandbags up to 400 kegs to 300
  • soft stones
  • yoke
  • Viking press
  • press blocks
  • car deadlift
  • Axel bars
  • tires to 1200
  • sleds

Powerlifting / Olympic Lifting

Atilis Gym has a full selection of powerlifting equipment and trainers.

  • deadlift bars (Texas, rogue, ISF)
  • squat bars (Texas)
  • safety squat bars
  • MARRS bar
  • cambered bars
  • bamboo bars
  • multigrip bars
  • bench blocks
  • calibrated kilo plates
  • Olympic bumper plates
  • rubber bumpers
  • 100lb plates
  • competition benches
  • 2 monolifts
  • 6 squat racks
  • 3 deadlift platforms
  • deadlift jacks
  • chains, bands, and misc equipment.

Kickboxing & Self-Defense
Philadelphia's Best Kickboxing and Martial Arts class has opened their 2nd location only at Atilis Gym Bellmawr!

  • 5 heavy bags
  • speed bag
  • double end bag
  • uppercut bag
  • wrestling and BJJ mats
  • classes and boot camps
Bodybuilding Coaching and Contest Prep
We offer a range of equipment not found elsewhere, on site training, posing coaches, and more. A number of our trainers and members are competitors and coaches.

The Atilis name carries a long tradition of being a bodybuilding gym, nothing has changed.​ 

Cardio Equipment
Full selection of treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, stairmasters, rowers, and other cardiovascular equipment.

Indoor area with turf (coming soon).
Outdoor area with tires and sleds.
Ropes, speed bag, heavy bag, double-end bag.