Integrative Performance Rehab

Shira Bardfield 

Performance Rehab Specialist

"I've been in the health, fitness, wellness, strength, and recovery world my whole entire life. I have a degree in exercise science, and a degree as a holistic health practitioner/ massage technician. As a competitive powerlifter and a former bodybuilder, I gear my practice specifically towards helping strength athletes. Over the years, I've combined many different techniques and modalities, which has developed into a unique approach to healing and staying injury free!

I try to assess neurologically, lymphatically, mechanically, and sometimes emotionally where the dysfunction dwells. I use a variety of techniques to help the body reach homeostasis and improve. Some of the techniques used are breathwork, movement, cups, blading, as well as some traditional massage techniques. Each client is assessed thoroughly to make the treatment completely geared towards them."

In addition, 'The Recovery Room' is a self service option available to all members. You have full use of every piece of equipment for the time slot. Includes red lights, compression boots, vibration plate, massage gun, and Himalayan salt lamp.   Red light therapy is used to help those experiencing discomfort recover faster!

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Instagram: @shira_pop